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Safer car choices: There's more to it than you may think

With June being National Safety Month, there’s no better time to think about how we could be making safer choices when it comes to choosing a car.

The make of car you go for, and maybe even the colour, could make a big difference, not least by making your new pride and joy less appealing to thieves!

So next time you’re surrounded by brightly coloured shiny new cars and are struggling to pick, remember that you could even reduce your insurance premium if you choose wisely!

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Should popular come with a risk warning?

According to DVLA figures, more than 50,000 cars were stolen in 2019, which equates to one theft every nine minutes. Incredibly, despite lockdowns, the figure for 2020 jumped by a third to more than 75,000.

Around four in ten of those vehicles ultimately make it back to their owners, but you could limit the risk by picking certain makes of car over others.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the bestselling vehicle makes are consistently among the most stolen vehicles, likely because there’s simply more of them on the roads.

The Ford Focus and Fiesta models are common targets, as are Volkswagen Golfs, Land Rovers and BMWs.

Does colour really matter?

There are many myths around certain colours of car being more likely to be stolen, and there have been numerous studies that have tried to find answers one way or another.

One key thing to ask is that while a brightly coloured car might seem appealing, does that colour also make it more appealing to thieves?

For instance, a study by the AA suggested that blue and red cars were most likely be stolen two decades ago, but then they were the most popular colours of car on the road at the time.

Another study from New Zealand suggested silver was the safest option given its low profile, yet further research by CCC Information Services claims silver is in fact the worst colour you could opt for.

And the reason for this? Again, it is a numbers game, as along with black and white vehicles, silver accounts for the majority of cars on the road.

Of course, there are many different factors at play, and simply put, there’s no definitive link between colour and theft, so you can probably go for whatever colour you’d like when choosing a car!

Be warned though, as opting for some bright colours might negatively impact the resale price if you want to sell in years to come.

What else can you do?

Much of the risk with vehicles comes down to where you can keep it overnight. Having your car secured in a garage means it’s at a considerably lower risk than if it’s parked in the street, for example.

Not only is it more difficult to steal, but it’s also at a reduced risk of vandalism or other forms of damage, which will have a knock-on impact on reducing your insurance premiums too.

So next you come to purchase a vehicle, stop and have a think; could avoiding the popular makes and car types be the safer bet?

Remember, you can protect your excess with Questor with an excess protection policy, we will refund your excess in the event of damage or theft of your vehicle. We can cover you from £350 to up to £1,000.

Date Created: 24/06/2021

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