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Certificates of Insurance

You acknowledge that all certificates issued by this site are issued and are subject to regulation of the United Kingdom and the law of England and Wales. Unless otherwise indicated at the time you purchase your insurance documents are only available in English.


In the UK, Insurance Premium Tax is added to all premiums as required by the law of the United Kingdom at either 12% or 20% (in respect of travel insurance). The tax is paid to the Insurer of the policy who then pays it to the relevant authority. The tax will be clearly identified on your documentation. In other areas, any taxes will be charged in accordance with the law in that area and paid to the relevant authority in the same way. In some areas, no tax will be applicable.


Payment can be authorised by credit or credit card and is required at the time you purchase the policy.

Cooling Off Period and Cancellation

For further information about the cooling off period & cancellation policy please refer to the policy document that will/has been sent to you within the confirmation of cover email.


Refunds are only offered if the policy purchased contains a cancellation clause. Refunds are calculated in accordance with the policy terms and conditions and will be refunded to the card from which the original purchase was made within three working days of the cancellation being processed.

Changes to Premiums

We reserve the right to change the premium charged for a policy at any time without notice. This does not affect customers who have already purchased a policy.


By using this site you acknowledge that our principal means of communication is via email and therefore it is incumbent on you to ensure that we have your current email address.