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Car Hire Excess Insurance: Price Review

Many will be seeking to secure the best deal on their insurance cover for the fast-approaching 2021 summer holiday season, and finding the best deal is not always straightforward.  Here at Questor, we thought we would save you the trouble by pulling together some pointers to keep in mind when buying your next policy and a quick price comparison of what is currently available in the market:

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Understanding pricing

Car Hire Excess Insurance, specifically daily policies, are not always priced up in the same way, and different providers use different methods.  So, pay particular attention to the headline price that you may see on an advert, as it sometimes can be misleading.

Whilst conducting our price analysis we came across a number of providers, who despite advertising a daily "from" price, actually have a set number of days as their minimum purchase value.  This means if you are looking for a daily policy to cover just one or two days, you may end up being charged for a 4-day equivalent due to their pricing strategies.  Quite often this is hidden in the small print, and you may not realise that you are not paying the advertised price that you initially saw.

We recommend looking for a policy that covers the number of days you require and is priced that you only pay for what you need.  Here are our findings when comparing pricing strategies in the market:


price comparison table

*£10 Minimum spend

Prices correct as of 09/03/2021

As you have seen the majority have a minimum number of days, so if you are looking for a short duration policy, be sure to choose an insurance company that does truly offer a daily rate.  At Questor Insurance, whether you book 1 day or 10 days the daily rate does not change, we only charge for what you need.

Administration charges

Having shopped around for suitable cover at an appropriate price, do remember to check for any hidden charges! The savviest consumer can get caught out, make sure you check the policy wording for administration and customer service charges. These are fees that are charged should you need to make an amendment or request duplicate documentation such as a duplicate policy certificate, adding of an additional driver or even updating your residential address due to a house move.

It is quite common for customers to amend their policies after purchase. If you do, you could be stung by one of these administrative fees or lose out on several months of coverage if you decide not to amend and terminate the policy.

So once again, when comparing insurance prices take into consideration potential amendment fee charges, as it may end up costing you more in the long run.

It is worth noting that not all insurers charge amendment fees, Questor Insurance, for example, will reissue documentation and update your policy details at no charge.

Date Created: 16/06/2021

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