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Key questions to ask ahead of holiday car hire

Hiring a car is a common occurrence for many holiday makers, as it provides plenty of freedom and flexibility for exploring their chosen destination.

But is hiring a car really the best option for you? Here are some of the key questions you should ask yourself before paying for car hire.

How far will I need to travel?

car hire travel questionsIf you’re embarking on a city break for instance, then it’s likely that using public transport such as train and bus services will meet your needs.

Should you want to travel further then a car could be the answer, although you should bear in mind that it comes with additional costs.

What are my car hire options?

Hiring a vehicle in advance of your trip can help to keep costs down, but even if you forget you should still be able to hire a vehicle at an airport rental desk at your destination.

However, it’s recommended that you book online in order to find the best deals and to have a greater choice over the type of vehicles available. During peak periods, availability and selection are likely to be reduced.

What factors influence the cost of car hire?

Your holiday destination, the type of vehicle needed, the length of booking and even your intended mileage will all influence the total cost of hiring a car.

Most car types are grouped together and will cost different amounts. Note that while you may request a certain make/model of car, they are grouped by type instead so you are not guaranteed the model you want.

You should also look to opt for full-to-full fuel policies, as this helps to ensure you only pay for the fuel you use. In such instances, you pick up the car with a full tank and then return it with a full tank at the end of the rental.

Should I consider any car hire restrictions?

Depending on which country you are in and on which company you rent from, you might find that there are restrictions placed on your rental.

For instance, many will only rent vehicles to drivers over the age of 25, while others may insist that younger drivers have been on the road for a certain amount of time or charge higher rates.

Drivers with more than six points on their licence may also struggle to hire vehicles, although such rules often vary by car rental firm.

What insurance is offered with car hire?

Some sort of insurance is usually offered with car hire but it is often far from comprehensive. You should be careful when checking the documentation and you might find that third party cover or add-ons can help you out.

For instance, car hire excess insurance can be purchased via a third party and will protect you against the excess you would need to pay should your hire car be damaged or stolen.

You would need to pay the excess in the event of a claim, but you could then claim it back via the car hire excess insurance policy – giving you peace of mind for the duration of your trip. Such policies often cost far less when purchased via a third party than when purchased at the car hire desk.

Date Created: 04/07/2019

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