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Your European summer holiday checklist

If you’ve planned your summer holidays for 2019 and intend to travel to Europe in the aftermath of Brexit, it’s important to remember that some aspects will be different to usual.

Fortunately, the founder of Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, has detailed a set of essential factors that you should consider before you go away.

1. Check your passport

Under a no-deal scenario on 29 March, the majority of EU nations will require holidaymakers to have a minimum of six months left on their passport.

This is an extension on previously when at least three months was required on the document and you should bear in mind that it can take several weeks to renew if required.

Should a deal be reached, it is likely that current passport rules will remain in place throughout the transition period.

2. Check your EHIC

The European Health Insurance Card allows holidaymakers to access health treatment on par with the local population, yet an estimated five million expire each year.

Lewis warns that you should look out for false websites that charge for renewal ( is the official one) and should note that a no deal scenario could mean that the EHIC is no longer valid.

3. Book travel insurance early

Booking travel insurance at the point at which a holiday is booked is highly recommended as this maximises the protection on offer.

This means that any issues that arise between the point of booking and the holiday itself would be covered – of vital importance if you are unable to travel for any reason.

Read more on the benefits of buying travel insurance as soon as possible.

4. Consider car hire early

Booking earlier usually means cheaper deals as car hire prices often go up as you get nearer to peak season.

Using comparison websites can help you to find the best available deals while opting to get car hire excess insurance through a third-party will cost less than through a hire firm directly.

In the event of a no deal scenario, a driving permit may also be required – find out more on what impact a no deal Brexit may have on driving in Europe

Date Created: 01/03/2019

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