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Are you prepared for winter driving?

According to a survey from the AA, nearly half of drivers have failed to carry out any maintenance or vehicle checks in preparation for any upcoming bad weather.  It could potentially mean that millions of drivers in the UK are at risk.  

Survey results

  • Of 2,000 motorists quizzed by the vehicle recovery firm, one in six said they had broken down or had issues with their vehicle before as a result of not preparing it for tricky road conditions.
  • The AA lists checking tyre tread and pressure, as well as battery life and oil condition as being an essential precursor to any winter driving. Just shy of three quarters of drivers said they did check their car battery prior to travel, yet a dead battery is the most common cause of breakdowns during the winter months.
  • Around 40% of drivers revealed they were unaware of how to change the height of their main headlight beams, while one in six said they could not work their high-beam headlights when sat behind the wheel.
  • Four in ten drivers told the survey they were unsure of how to top up their anti-freeze, while numerous motorists had concerns over using their fog lights properly.
  • Incredibly, one in ten drivers said they refrain from driving during the winter months, while unsurprisingly around 70% said conditions are tougher than in the summer.
  • Drivers in the survey did know the basics when it comes to de-icing a car though, as 80% know the best way to remove ice and 73% can top up windscreen washer fluid.
  • Perhaps of concern though, is that 10% of those quizzed did not know that using boiling water on a windscreen can have bad results.

Government figures suggest that up to 20% of the five million road traffic accidents that occur annually in the UK have weather as a major contributory factor, highlighting the importance of being weather ready when it comes to driving.

For further winter travel advice, we have a number of essential winter driving tips to help you on your way.


Date Created: 19/12/2018

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