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Halloween 2018 - Spooky Destinations and Attractions

Halloween is a great time to eat sweets and watch scary films, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to explore some haunted hotspots!  We have compiled a list of our favourite spooky locations and attractions for this time of year, take a read...if you dare!

Brick or Treat – LEGOLAND Windsor

Just in time for half-term, LEGOLAND Windsor hosts its spook-tacular Brick or Treat event. Explore the Brick or Treat trail and solve the mystery of the missing potion ingredients, take in ghostly live shows and ride the Spooky Hill Train down to the Enchanted Forest.

Build your own Lego pumpkin and still get to enjoy the abundance of other attractions that LEGOLAND has to offer – it’s Halloween fun that all the family can enjoy.

Pluckley Village

Located a small distance from Ashford, Pluckley is known as the most haunted village in Kent. The village is rumoured to be the residence of at least 12 ghosts, and in the run up to Halloween there are regular ghost hunts and tours, making it the perfect destination for a spooky weekend away.

Halloween inspired coffee

Scarefest – Alton Towers

Enjoy all of your favourite rides in the dark as Alton Towers embraces Halloween.  Get lost in the scare mazes and discover frights and thrills at every turn – you’ll certainly need to keep your wits about you!

And perhaps the biggest question of all – are you prepared to hurtle towards a six story high Wicker Man effigy as it bursts into flames? If you love to be spooked, a visit to Alton Towers will keep you on your toes!

Fright Nights – Thorpe Park

The Blair Witch is back for 2018 and it promises to be more terrifying than ever before. Or…maybe you could dare to walk the Island’s deserted railroad in another live action scare maze, Platform 15? Maybe you would prefer to explore Saw Alive, another horror maze that’s had an evil makeover? For spooky antics, Thorpe Park more than has you covered. 

Edinburgh Castle

Scotland is famous for many spooky sightings and haunted hotspots, making it a holiday haven for those searching for the paranormal. And Edinburgh Castle is no different.

With some parts of the castle, including the dungeons, more than 900 years old, it will come as no surprise to hear that many visitors have reported seeing a ghost or two. Once you have finished visiting the castle why not head over to some of Scotland’s other paranormal locations such as Cruden Bay or Roslyn Chapel.

Edinburgh Castle

The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon experience and its mix of haunting tales and thrilling rides are scary at the best of times! But for Halloween, there’s even more to enjoy as part of Screamfest!

Get face to face with the capital’s most notorious characters, follow in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd and plummet on the free fall ride ‘Drop Dead’. But for a truly spine-tingling experience, do you dare to summon the spirits as you sit around the Ouija board?


If you fancy travelling a little further afield, Amsterdam is home to a dedicated Halloween festival, and while this year’s event is certainly smaller than in the past, it promises to be just as scary. From themed costume parties to scary film showings, the Dutch capital can provide you with a Halloween experience that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Dam Square is famed as being a former public executions site, where thousands of suspected witches and heretics were burned during the Spanish Inquisition. So given the city’s bloody history that stretches back more than 800 years, you may also run into a few restless spirits along your way!

Heading off on a haunted holiday of your own? Don’t forget to Tweet us any spooky snaps to @QuestorIns

Date Created: 11/10/2018

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