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The benefits of booking travel insurance in advance

Booking a holiday is really just the start of your journey, and while there is plenty to be excited about, you should also take steps to ensure that it isn’t ruined by unplanned events.

By purchasing travel insurance in advance, these pitfalls can often be avoided – but you’ll need to ensure that you don’t leave it until it’s too late.

As we detail here, a number of issues may occur between booking a holiday and jetting off, which is why it’s important to get covered early.  Booking in advance shouldn’t cost you more, so the sooner you buy travel insurance cover, the sooner you’ll be protected – meaning you could potentially save thousands of pounds should something go wrong.

Cancellation protection

Should you become ill, or suffer from a serious injury, you may have to cancel your holiday.  Provided that you’ve booked travel insurance in advance, you should be able to claim using your policy for cancellation cover.

Cover can protect against an unexpected illness for anyone listed in the travel documents up to the amount listed on your policy.

Note that you must have purchased cover prior to becoming ill or being injured in order to claim. 

Protection against unforeseen circumstances

Depending on what is included in your travel insurance policy, when purchased in advance, you could be covered for an array of unforeseen circumstances.  Such as an unexpected redundancy, from an airline going into liquidation, or if a natural disaster disrupts your plans.

However, if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office had advised against travelling to your holiday destination at the time of booking, it’s unlikely travel insurance will provide sufficient cover.

Find the cover that is right for you 

You should compare travel insurance policies to ensure that any options are adequate for your needs – it’s worth remembering that the cheapest option may not provide the ideal cover for you.

Don’t automatically think that you should purchase cover from a travel company either, as you may be able to find a better level of cover or a more cost-effective option elsewhere.

By checking whether cancellation cover is included within the price you pay you will know whether you’re covered from the moment of purchase. Just double-check the small print to understand what eventualities you are or are not covered for.

Optional extras

You may also want to give consideration to other extras, as cover for extreme sports, cruises or certain tours may not be included as standard.

Be upfront about any pre-existing medical conditions too, as a failure to declare something may invalidate your cover should you need to claim.

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Date Created: 17/09/2019

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