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Understanding one-way car hire fees

One way car hire feesCar hire is all about flexibility and it’s not uncommon for drivers to want to drop off the vehicle in a different location to where they picked it up from.  This is known as one-way car hire and it can save you a great deal of time and effort when on holiday.

However, this often comes at a cost and not all companies are clear with their fees, meaning that drivers need to carefully check the terms and conditions.

While some will not charge you for delivering the car to a different location and many are upfront with their fees, others hide one-way fees in the small print which can be easily missed.

When hunting around for car hire options, it’s therefore important to consider the potential for extra costs – usually applied to ensure that the supplier can return the car to its original location.

Unfortunately, these costs can be difficult to avoid if you wish to leave your hire car in a different place to where you rented it, although they can be kept down by booking in advance.

When fees may apply

Fees can be applicable if you want to take a car between various different cities or towns, between different airports, or between countries.

You may also be charged if you drop off your hire car at a different rental desk in the same city, although this is not always the case.

One-way fees are applied at the point when a vehicle is picked up and not necessarily when booking online, which is why it’s essential to read the small print.  They’ll also be paid in the local currency, meaning that even if you book in the UK, you’ll require a different currency than the one used to cover the rental itself.

It’s important to note that if you plan to cross borders, you’ll pay the one-way fee in the country where you first pick up the car.

Last-minute changes

If you book car hire with the same location for pick-up and drop-off and then decide to change, it’s highly likely that you’ll be hit with further charges too.  This is because changes to the rental are often calculated at the latest available prices, meaning any savings from booking up-front could be nullified.

So if you do change your plans at the last minute, you’ll likely pay more for the rental and then the one-way fee on top.

Remember that all fees will be stated on the paperwork that relates to the rental, either by full name or by the acronym OWF.

If you do intend to hire in the months ahead, you may also want to consider car hire excess insurance to protect against the excess you would need to pay if your hire car is damaged or stolen.

Not only does this cover provide peace of mind for your time away, but it also costs less than you may think. Get a quote today to find out how little the cover could cost you.

Date Created: 23/07/2018

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