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Stress free car rental

Stree free car rentalMore of us are opting for the freedom and flexibility that comes with car hire, but with so much to think about when renting a new set of wheels, how can you ensure the experience is stress-free?

Thankfully, we have five helpful tips to help ensure that your car hire journey is hassle-free.

1. Do your research

Don’t just look for the cheapest rental option, but focus on checking out the reviews left but other customers too.

These will tell you a great deal about what you can expect for a particular rental company when it comes to customer service, ease of rental and other important factors.

You should also check the terms and conditions of the rental too, as this way you can avoid being hit by mileage limits or other restrictions. If you’re unsure about anything at the rental desk, be sure to query it too.

2. Plan ahead and keep some time spare

If you’re given the option of choosing pick-up and drop-off times, make sure you leave yourself with some time for manoeuvre to cover the unexpected.

For instance, if you’re picking a car up from an airport rental desk, ensure you have enough time to clear passport control and to collect baggage from the point when your flight is due to land.

This can take several hours during the peak season at some airports, and a car hire company will rarely keep a vehicle aside for you if you are considerably late.

The same applies when returning the vehicle, as you may get hit with late fees if you get caught in traffic or miss the drop-off for any reason.

3. Think about any extras before you travel

If you want to add an additional driver or are under a certain age, you may have to pay additional fees on top of the rental quote you are given.

Be sure to have considered all of your options before you travel, as this will provide you with an idea of how much the whole rental process should cost.

Remember that add-ons such as sat-navs and car seats will cost more, so think about whether they are needed or if you can bring your own – most airlines will allow you to put a car seat in the hold of an aircraft for free for example.

4. Check the different car classifications prior to booking

While you can select a type of vehicle based on a wide set of rental criteria, you won’t always get the car you select.

Car hire is processed on an ‘or similar’ basis, so while you may have booked a BMW, a Mercedes could replace it.

Check out the various types of car that are available if you are unsure which is best for your needs.

5. Know your insurance

Insurance cover may be included with car hire but it often doesn’t cover everything. Car hire excess insurance can be purchased separately for example, and covers the excess you would need to pay should the car be damaged or stolen.

Depending on the vehicle, this could amount to hundreds or even thousands of pounds, so daily, weekly or even annual additional cover could be right for you. 

Date Created: 04/10/2018

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