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Your essential car hire checklist

Essential car hire checklistHiring a car provides freedom and flexibility to explore new destinations, but you need to be careful to ensure it doesn’t come at a cost.

By checking the vehicle and paperwork thoroughly, you can protect yourself from unscrupulous actions by car hire companies.

Our checklist includes the aspects you should look at when you first receive the keys, and you shouldn’t drive away until you are satisfied everything is in good working order.

1. Check the small print

Read the car hire contract thoroughly and question any part of it that you are unsure about. You should also note any extras that might be included.

The paperwork should also detail the rental company’s fuel policy – recognise what is expected of you and make plans accordingly to ensure the car will be returned in line with the agreement.

2. Take photographic evidence

Given that the vast majority of us own a smartphone, it’s easy to take plenty of photographs of all aspects of the car.

As well as looking for any dents and scratches, photographs can help should you be involved in a claim. Even if you think marks are relatively minor, it’s still important to write down any that already exist upon collection.

3. Check the unobvious

As well as looking for any dents and scratches, you should also check the windscreen, tyres and locks noting any anomalies on the paperwork provided.

The windscreen and windows should be checked for any chips, while the tread on the tyres should meet the legal depth.

Focus on the locks on the hire car to see if they are all in full working order too – this is especially true if the vehicle uses keyless technology. 

4. Take your time with any inspection forms

Inspections play an important part in any potential claim, and you need to ensure that all information is included on the forms.

The existing vehicle condition report may list some issues already, so be sure to check these and make the hire company aware of anything you would like added.

5. Check your insurance

Ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for your trip and keep in mind that what is included in the price of car hire may not be fully comprehensive.  For instance, car hire excess insurance can cover the excess payment that would be required should your hire car be damaged or stolen.

The additional cover provides peace of mind and costs less than you think. Get a quote today find out for yourself!

Date Created: 04/10/2018

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