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Could you enhance your Car Club insurance cover?

BMW1If you’re a member of a car club – and let’s face it, there’s quite a few – then you could get additional insurance cover on top of what you already have.

While most memberships will include fully comprehensive cover, you’ll likely still need to pay the excess, which depending on the policy could add up to hundreds of pounds.

It’s therefore a good idea to consider Car Club excess insurance, as the optional extra can cover the cost should you need to claim if the car is stolen or damaged.

It means you could get annual cover to provide peace of mind all year round whenever you’re using a Car Club vehicle, or opt for a shorter policy.

What do you need to know?

You could attempt your vehicle as well as possible but accidents can still happen. Worse still, if the car was to be stolen you may have to pay out hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds to cover the excess on the Car Club insurance policy.

Of course, Car Club excess insurance cover is by no means a necessity, but it would cover the costs if you needed to claim through the Car Club policy.

Without it, in the event of a claim you would need to pay the excess on the policy while the Car Club would cover the rest.

It’s also possible to find cover that includes other benefits, such as protection in the event of you losing the keys or using the wrong fuel.

You should shop around too to find the best option for you, as various car hire firms may offer different cover or include different perks and add-ons.

If you’re thinking of getting Car Club excess insurance cover, get a quote today and find out how much annual cover could be.

Date Created: 20/02/2018

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