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Why you should resist the hard sell at car hire desks

Redcar1Those who hire a car will often experience the hard sell stance often adopted by rental firms as they try and increase the overall cost, through added extras, such as excess insurance, sat nav’s and extra drivers.

Whilst all of these are important, and should be given serious thought, purchasing these add-ons under pressure at the car hire desk can lead to you paying over the odds.

For example, a recent investigation from the Daily Mail found that some companies have been charging higher fees for travellers renting at a desk then they would if they had looked online.

All of this can lead to a great deal of stress, which is exactly the opposite of what your holiday should be about, so it can help to keep a few things in mind before renting.

Get yourself covered before you go

If you do indeed plan on renting a car at a desk whilst abroad, it would be a good idea to get all of your insurance sorted out before you go, otherwise you risk being overcharged or simply being unware of what exactly you do and don’t need.

The same investigation from the Daily Mail found that some car rental companies adopted a hard sell tactic to selling excess insurance to those that were already covered. As a result, give yourself plenty of time to work and what you need and avoid any hassle.

Brace yourself for a large deposit

The amount car hire firms will ask for as a deposit may vary, but sum will look to cover themselves by only accepting a large amount. As a result, it can be handy to have a spare credit card at your disposal so it doesn’t eat into your holiday budget.

If something does happen and you do not receive the full deposit back, then your car hire excess insurance can come into effect and save you hundreds of pounds.

If you’re planning on renting a car for your holiday, organise your car hire excess insurance in advance to put your mind at ease.

Date Created: 02/10/2017

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