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Top Driving Phone Apps

GadgetAt Questor Insurance we know there are hundreds of travel apps available to download, many of which can help to enhance your journey. Whether it be to enhance your driving or take control of your tunes we know finding the right apps can be time consuming. To save you some time we have put together a list of some of our favourite driving apps which you can download on your mobile or tablet.


Trapster is a great app to alert you of speed limits and cameras on roads you are not used to driving on. The app also lets you know the approximate speed you are currently travelling at so you can adjust your speed accordingly. When using this app it is important to check the laws of the country you are driving in, as some countries have laws surrounding the use of speed alerting gadgets.


Have plenty of mobile data? Download Spotify so you can listen to a wide range of music while you are on the road. You can create your own playlists and even listen to tracks which your friends are listening to. This way you will never have to listen to the same CD again!

Google Maps

The Google Maps application is great for travelling and navigating around areas you are less familiar with. The application even has a feature where it can navigate you to your desired destination you like a Sat Nav does, using both voice and images of the map

DriveSafe Mode

DriveSafe Mode stops unwanted distractions from your mobile phone while you are driving. Once the application has been started it prevents the user from texting, emailing and other distracting activities.

There are many similar applications on the market which can help to keep you safe by reducing distractions while you’re driving.


AppyParking allows drivers to never have to worry about finding a car park again, as AppyParking shows you all your local paid for parking options. The app also has the added feature of letting you know where the cheapest fuel stations are located.

Android Auto

This is the convenient navigation app which now has maps available for 19 countries. The app itself has been designed with road safety in mind, reducing driving distractions by having steering wheel integration, voice activation, voice navigation and live traffic information and updates.

Top tip: When downloading applications to your mobile or tablet device always ensure you download them from a reliable source, such as the Apple Store or Google Play Store. It is also important to remember to use applications responsibly and in a legal manor.

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Know of any other great apps perfect for your travels? We would love to hear them, don’t forget to share them by tweeting us @QuestorIns

Date Created: 22/04/2016

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