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Leap Year Proposal Locations

Proposal Woman can declare their love and propose to their loved one any day of the year, however the 29th February is the one day where women are encouraged to get down on one knee. Considering a leap year proposal? Take a look below at our top proposal destinations and tips to make asking that special question more romantic:

New York

Propose to your loved one while visiting the big apple. New York is one of the most romantic cities in the world and boasts so many wonderful places to make your proposal even more unforgettable. Central Park is one of the most popular spots for tourists to propose to their loved one, however this doesn’t mean you can’t make your proposal unique and special. Why not propose during a romantic picnic or while strolling across the Bow Bridge, make your loved one feel like a real celebrity by hiring a professional photographer to capture the moment.

On a cruise/ while at sea

There is nothing more romantic than proposing to your loved one while you have wind in your hair and are overlooking the ocean. If you’re considering proposing on your next cruise we recommend taking a moonlit walk across the ship to find a romantic spot looking at the sea to pop the question, just make sure you don’t drop the ring overboard! Don’t fancy proposing at sea? The great thing about cruises is that you get to choose the perfect country and setting for your proposal.


Thailand is a beautiful country perfect for romantic holidays both relaxing and adventurous. Propose to your loved one while taking a romantic evening stroll across the beach or during a wildlife trek in Khao Yai National Park. Thailand offers a lot of culture and history, our favourite cultural spot to propose to your loved one is the Trimurti Shrine in Bangkok (also commonly known as the Love Shrine).


Not too far from the UK Northern Ireland is full of stunning locations and is perfect for those shorter trips. If you are taking a trip to Ireland consider asking that magical question while watching a sunset at the Giants Causeway or visiting the dramatic landscapes of the Mourne Mountains. The Mourne Mountains are exceptionally breath-taking to visit, they were even the inspiration for the fictional location Narnia.


France is perfect for a romantic weekend or week long break with your loved one. The Eiffel Tower is known as one of the most romantic monuments in Paris and is a popular destination for proposals. We recommend doing something different and heading off to a pretty spot in the mountains to ask the question (this is even more romantic if there is snow)

A place of importance:

Choose a location which is Significant to you and your partner, perhaps the location of your first date, your favourite holiday or even somewhere you have always dreamt to go! The proposal can happen anywhere right for you both just make sure it is unforgettable.


Now you have the location take a look below for top tips to make your proposal even more special!

Tips to make your proposal unforgettable:

  • Keep it a surprise
  • Have friends and family present
  • Hire a photographer to capture the special moment
  • Have memorable music playing – every time your lover hears the song they will be transported back to the moment
  • Don’t act out of character - sometimes less is more
  • Keep the proposal short and sweet
  • Propose at the end of an exciting activity
  • If travelling remember to pack the ring

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Date Created: 29/02/2016

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