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Top Smartwatches

So why get a smartwatch? The new craze devices deliver smartphone notifications, some offer fitness features, apps and more. This allows you to leave your phone in your pocket and track notifications through your smartwatch

When purchasing a smartwatch the important factors to think about are how much of your smartphone purposes can perform with the watch, and how well it can handle each duty and the other factor is obviously the style.


So what smartwatch is the best overall watch, best for the price and the best Android Watch?

The Apple Watch 
is currently the favourite smartwatch out on the market. It offers a range of design options, supports Siri and Apple Pay, and a heart-rate monitor. Apple Watch is also compatible with more than 10,000 apps. There can be a curve that can come with the device. Apple Watch is availab
le in two sizes and with a choice of different bands, the Apple Watch (starting at £299) is the most customizable smartwatch yet. Its vibrant colour touch screen is easily viewable, even in direct sunshine. The watch delivers subtle vibrations to your wrist when you get a call, text or some other notification, and a sensor on the Watch's underside can measure your heart rate.


The Pebble Time Steel is a great watch if you're looking for longer battery life and a watch that is good for the money.The Pebble Time Steel (starting at £179), which can last up to 10 days on a charge. It also features an intuitive timeline interface and a colour E Ink display that's easy to read in direct sunshine. With the watch you get access to more than 6,000 apps and many watch faces in a comfortable and colourful water-resistant designs. Choose from multiple colours, including black, grey, orange, white and red. The Pebble delivers notifications to your wrist such as for texts, calls and emails it also works with various fitness apps.


The Moto 360 2nd Gen is the favourite android smartwatch (starting at £229), this watch improves on the original by making it more luxurious and customizable than ever. Using Moto Maker online, you can design your Moto 360 to fit your style, colouring its stainless steel body as you like and pairing it with leather bands. The watch runs Android Wear and will work with iPhones as well by using the Android Wear app for iOS. A unique live dial feature adds functions such as Shazam music identification or car diagnostics to the watch screen while the Moto Body app keeps track of your fitness activity.

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Date Created: 15/01/2016

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