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Maintaining Your Wellbeing on a Long Flight

At the Airport

Drinking wise, while traveling on a plane can increase dehydration, which can lead to jet lag and a major a drop in productivity. Drinking 200ml of water every hour on a flight can make you stay hydrated, also avoid overindulging with alcohol. Particularly on long haul flight you should bring moisturizer, nasal spray, and eye drops will prevent dryness and this may make the trip more relaxed and comfortable.

Upgrading to a better class such as business class comes with two main boosts, more room on the flight itself and (on numerous airlines) access to an airport lounge. The business class area will be quieter and more comfortable than economy class, with the added room it allows travellers to spread out more. At the airport before boarding the plane, the airport lounges offer a comfortable escape from the busy and noisy gate area. Airport lounges often come with a business class upgrade, but regular travellers can also use elite status to get access.

On Board the Plane

Storing luggage can improve legroom to its maximum capacity, it could be an idea to put as much as possible in the overhead baggage allocations when boarding the flight. If you have items that you are going to be using throughout the flight then it could best to take these items out of your hand luggage and store them under your flight seat or the slots that are allocated on the back of passenger seats. Why not watch this quick video on how to pack a hand luggage bag -

Work space is something as a passenger you should take advantage as some travellers may appreciate less disruptions that occur when traveling on an airline. While traveling use the time to complete some work that you may have, or even begin to set out meeting plans if you have not made one.

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Date Created: 11/01/2016

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