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A guide to DIY Christmas tree ideas

Even long after you stop believing in Santa Claus, a gorgeous Christmas tree remains the centrepiece of the holidays. Some families have a tradition of making their own Christmas decorations, and increasingly more people now choose to have a DIY Christmas tree as well.

Besides saving the trees, a DIY Xmas tree project also strengthens the holiday spirit and makes it all the more special. It also serves as a one of a kind interior decoration. Get creative with different materials, using wisely the space in your home - having a small living room does not mean not being able to fit a Christmas tree! Check out our top 10 ideas: 

Top 10 materials to use for your DIY Christmas tree:

1. MEDICAL GLOVES - It’s not just hospitals these trees are perfect for…nurses homes, GP surgeries and even the Customs office at the airport! Anywhere that needs a more sterile tree can use one of these…

Tip: If you want to hang baubles from the fingers, you will need to make sure it is blown up as much as possible to make it strong enough to hold them.


2. BEER BOTTLES - For a fun, unconventional holiday affair, try this bachelor-style tree-trimming party. You don’t even need an actual tree — just power tools and beer! Invite guests over for a casual Christmas gathering, and ask them to BYOBeer (preferably in green bottles). As guests hang out and drink the beers, simply line up the empty bottles on a frame to form your Christmas “tree”!


3. RECYCLED NEWSPAPER – A shiny gold Christmas tree, made from recycled newspapers, commands attention in any room!

All you need is:

*Chicken wire

*Newspapers (about 13 thick newspapers depending on thickness)

*Nontoxic paint (we used gold)

*Cut tree branch (about 4 feet tall)

*Terra cotta planter

*Shredded newspaper

For full details on how to build it visit:

4. BOOKS - Books are humans’ best friends helping in enhancing their perspective about the vast world they dwell in. However, apart from imparting knowledge and providing pleasure, the books we read daily can be utilized in making a variety of awesome crafts for intensifying the décor of our house. Have you ever thought how unique your home would look this Christmas if you accumulate together all the books you no longer need to build a gorgeous tree?


5. EGG CARTONS - Saving our planet’s magnificent nature comes with many responsibilities, but sometimes, the smaller things are which matter the most. This year, you can forget about the big, old, expensive trees, millions of which are sold every year slowly killing Earth’s vegetation. You can make a tree yourself by simple materials such as paper and egg carton. All you need to do is use your imagination, stack the egg boxes in the form of a tree and decorate it with colourful Christmas elements. Gather some inspiration for your upcycled tree and put your crafting skills into work.


6. DRIFTED WOOD - This festive season why not make your very own driftwood Christmas tree. It is inexpensive and easy to make. It’s also the perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors, getting creative with the whole family. If you are lucky to live at the coast, start by taking a stroll along the beach to gather pieces of driftwood and seashells. The highlight is that once you have made your very own beachy wood-tree, you can decorate it with shells, silver balls, stars, candles or even pretty lights.


7. PASTA – With different kinds of pasta you can create amazing snowflakes, flowers and small table top Christmas trees. Your kids will love helping you and by using their imagination they can come up even with some new forms and designs. Bowties, wagon wheels, elbows, stelline…there are so many different pasta types that you can use. Glue them together by using a hot glue gun, colour the ornaments with various paint colours and decorate with other embellishments. How easy and creative can pasta be!!


8. TRINKETS – Besides being a space saver,your guests will spend hours looking at the various little trinkets that make up this tree! It can be a unique mixture with a great combination of found objects and typography themed trinkets – and a great way to empty those drawers of old miniature objects you found and buried over the years!


9. WIRE COAT HANGERS - Coat hanger Christmas trees are a fun little craft for anyone in the family and they also make perfect little decorations for home or the office. With only 6 wire coat hangers you can easily construct the perfect tree shaped frame to decorate as you prefer – follow the instructions for the frame and set your imagination free:

10. OLD HDDS - Electronic junk has always been an issue: how to recycle the things that are thrown out of markets and homes in this rapidly evolving technology that gets revolutionized day by day? Old ATA hard drives that are just out of fashion these days could be a big problem to dispose for an ordinary electronic store owner, but for some of us it is all about creativity – use them to build your tree, you will find that with their reflective surface you will only need a few lights to make it flicker! 


Date Created: 22/12/2015

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