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Smoking banned in cars

child in carDue to the Health Act 2006 it has been illegal to smoke in vehicles used for work purposes since 2007, the legislation covers hire cars, motorhomes, campervans, taxis’ and all other vehicles used for work.

As off the 1st October 2015 the legislation will be extended to cover vehicles containing minors. Lighting up in a vehicle with a child under the age of 18 inside will be a criminal offence, punishable by a fixed fine of £50. It is also important drivers share this information with their passengers as they will both be held responsible if a passenger lights up with a child present.


The regulation applies to all vehicles carrying minors both stationary and moving, with the below exceptions:

  • The regulation does not apply to E-cigarettes
  • Convertibles are excluded when their roofs are fully lowered
  • Campervans and motor homes which are not hired are excluded while stationary and being used as accommodation – the regulation still applies when they are being used on the road as a vehicle

Why is this happening?

Many countries around the world including Canada, United States and Australia already have the same regulations in place, with many other countries considering implementation of the changes. The main reason behind the changes are to help protect children from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke within closed areas. With the desired outcome of helping to decrease illnesses which are increased with second hand smoking such as asthma, cot death and respiratory diseases.

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Date Created: 23/09/2015

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