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Questor Insurances Top Travel Tech for your Travels

At Questor Insurance we love using technology and gadgets during our travels, take a look below at some of our favourite travel tech:

Trakdot Luggage Tracker

TrakdotThe daunting wait for luggage at the conveyor belt after your flight is, for some, the worst part of flying. Tracking your luggage may have crossed your mind once or twice before, but thought 'How would I do that?' Well, Trakdot sell very handy luggage trackers for $69.99 (£44.89) each and an extra $20 (£12.83) per year for its network capabilities. You place it inside your luggage and it will monitor mobile networks to determine its location and remembers it. When your plane lands, your Trakdot luggage tracker will send you an email/text message saying everywhere it has been and where it currently is. It is also very light, so you won't have to worry about it disturbing those precious few grams spare in your luggage.


dizauL Portable Solar Power Charger

When going on holiday, forgetting to bring a plug socket adapter can prove problematic. Solar power is usually an option, unless the weather takes a turn for the worse. dizauL provide small, portable solar power chargers that are waterproof and shockproof for just £12.98, which come with a USB cable so you can easily charge it from the mains before you leave, thereby acting as a spare battery allowing you to charge your mobile on the go.


BRITA Water Filtration

If you are going on your holidays abroad, the tap water usually isn't recommended to be used as drinking water. With BRITA, you can buy a water bottle which contains a water filter inside it so you can fill up at the tap and go. You can get a bottle and 4 filter discs included which should last a week each, all just for £9.29.


USB Wall Charger

If solar power isn't your ideal solution to plug socket adapters, this could be. Most mobile devices these days come with USB ports for headphones. With the USB wall charger, you can use your USB cable to charge up your mobile device, and other electronic gadgets. You can get one of these for just £9.99 from TeckNet.


Airport Express

If you are going on holiday with your friends or family and want to easily share network connectivity with them in your hotel room, the Apple Airport Express is the device for you. It is a highly portable and easy to use device capable of turning your single cable ethernet connection to a wireless connection for all to use. Just plug your ethernet cable into the device, and plug the device into the ethernet socket and you are good to go! It may be a bit pricy at $99 (£63.31), but it is certainly worth it.


Jetting off on your summer holidays? Make sure you and your family are covered with a comprehensive travel insurance policy, click here for your free quotation or contact us on 0333 323 0090. Don’t forget to tweet us your favorite travel tech to @questorins


Date Created: 18/08/2015

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