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Underground Caves

Travelling, or a general holiday, you’ve experienced the boat trips, the excursions, the culture and the food, ever thought of experiencing an underground cave that will blow your mind? Probably not, well you should. The most beautiful underground caves have been transformed into show caves, where artificial décor and other aids allow tourists to experience the cave at ease.
Cave System

Remind you of something out of Lord of the Rings right? The Skocjan cave is the highest cave hall in Europe 120m wide and 30m high, the creation of the sinking Reka River. To get over the Reka and into the cave you must cross Cerkevnik Bridge, assuredly the highlight of the trip. The sheer size and reputation of the Škocjan Caves make for a great day out in Slovenia. Surrounded by scenic stalactite structures and waterfalls guiding you through the cave, it’s certainly a rare stop off for excursion tours and tourist purposes. You will be amazed at the incalculability of the underworld that is only imaginary to the mind until you experience it.

Both local and worldwide residents are drawn to the Waitomo Glow-worm Caves in New Zealand and conquer a place on many holiday wish-lists. The caves were carved by underground watercourses pushing through delicate limestone over thousands of years. Galaxies of Native glow worms decorate the stalagmites and radiate their unique luminous light. See this wonder of nature by foot, boat, zip wire or even Blackwater raft through the caves on a rubber tube, regardless of how you see it, you’ll be amazed. 
Reed Flute Caves

‘Huge Art Palace of the Nature’The Reed Flute Cave is a landmark and tourist attraction in Guilin, Guangxi, China marked on almost all travel itineraries and is over 180 million years old. Verdant reeds grow outside the mouth of the cave, which people still to this day believe that these reeds can be made into harmonious flutes. The colourful wonder offers stone drapes, stalagmites and stalactites, limestone pillars, ink inscriptions, plants and wildlife, illuminating the formations giving it a seventh heaven view. Tours are guided with history talks, explanations and entwined with Chinese myths and fairy tales; expect a song or two also!

Not only are these caves almost magical, they really are a place to experience first-hand. Memories will be created, and moments never forgotten. Bucket list material for sure.

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Date Created: 19/07/2015

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