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What your car colour says about you!

Colourful car

Ever wondered what the car you drive says about you? The colours of cars are known to influence our mood, evoke feelings and effect the way others on the road feel about us. Take a look below to find out what your car colour could be saying about you!

Black - Drivers of a black car are often conservative and hold authority, think of the image given by the FBI or a secret agent. These drivers have a love for elegance and all things classic, you will often see their homes decorated in a minimalistic and sophisticated manor.  

Red - People who own a red car are often out going and have a high level of energy, it’s very rare to find them sitting down in one place for too long! They like speed and often drive a car with a powerful engine, frequently drivers of red cars like to be in control of most life situations including on the roads.

Blue - A driver of a blue car is often a great friend, they possess traits such as honesty, trust and loyalty. They are often calm and composed in most situations making them the go to person in the event of an emergency. Even with their calm and peaceful nature drivers of blue vehicles are often still confident and like a sense of authority.

Grey - Grey is a fairly neutral choice for a car colour, these drivers often don’t want to stand out and are very practical. A driver of a grey car is often very reliable and career driven, they love the feeling of stability and security.

Silver - Drivers of silver cars often like to show elegance and wealth, to them their car is very prestigious no matter of its age or model. These drivers love to look to the future and plan ahead, both in their life and driving style.

White - White is a neutral colour, however can say a lot about the driver. A driver of a white vehicle is often direct and has a love for everything to be clean and pristine. Within their everyday life they have a strong attention to detail, you will often find their home spotless and in an organised fashion.

Yellow - People who drive a yellow car are often fun and have a good sense of humour, they are full of confidence and don’t mind being centre of attention at a party or social gathering.

Green – Drivers of a green cars possess traits of being well balanced, trustworthy and traditional. Many drivers care about the environment and love getting close to nature, even if it’s just relaxing in the garden with a cup of tea.

Orange – People who own an orange car are unique and artistic, they are a happy people to be around and crave attention.Within their daily life they are trendy andkeep up to date with the latest styles and fashions.

Brown – A driver of a brown car is elegant yet down to earth, they find comfort in being outdoors making their ideal holiday camping with the family. They are honest and caring making them a worthy friend.

Purple – Purple is one of the rarer car colours, however can show strong personality traits. A driver of a purple car is often up to date with the latest fashion trends and can be self-assured. If you take a sneaky look in their boot you often will find a change of clothing or shoes, after all standing out and looking good is important!

Why not let us know if you think the colour car you drive accurately portrays you and your personality by tweeting us @QuestorIns

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Date Created: 06/07/2015

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