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Hotel Room Safety Tips.

Hotel SafeSo you're going away and want to ensure that your hotel room and valuables are safe, here are some tips for ensuring that you are taking the right safety precautions…

Tip 1.

Lock your valuables in the hotel safe provided. Now if you are a little weary of doing this because of the hotel horror stories you have heard, don't fear! Your travel insurance policy (normally) will only respond for items that have been stolen out of the hotel safe provided. This means that you have done everything asked of your travel insurance policy to ensure a response if the items are stolen…

Tip 2. 

Don't take unessential valuables on holiday with you. Why take a £5,000 family heirloom ring on holiday? To show off and attract thieves? If the valuables are not there to be lost or stolen, you have nothing to worry about!

Tip 3.

Make a list of all of the items you have taken with you. Keep it in a safe place, so you are able to check before you leave that you have everything you took. Make another list of the things that you have kept in the hotel safe, if something that was labelled as being in the safe is not there now, rage at the hotel manager until your item is returned! Make sure you didn't take the item out and forget though, otherwise you’ll look a little strange!

Tip 4.

What do we do when we leave our houses overnight, leave the television or a light on? Why not do this in your hotel room also? If people think someone is still in your room, chances are they won't try to break into it and steal your things!

Tip 5.

If you have a spy viewpoint take a look, don’t open your hotel door to anyone you don’t recognise. If you’re not expecting a member of the hotel staff to visit the room phone the reception desk to confirm your visitor is legitimate.  

 Tip 6.

Whether you are inside your hotel room or outside your hotel room, make sure your door remains locked. This way you are completely aware of who is in your room when you are and when you aren’t. Only allow adults to have keys to the rooms, as children/teenagers may not be responsible enough to have a key.

Tip 7.

If possible avoid a hotel room which is on the ground floor or easily accessible from outside. Having a room which is higher up is often much more difficult to break in to, plus you will be able to sleep at night with the windows open without the worry of burglary.

Tip 8.

Travel regularly or solo? Consider purchasing a portable alarm system for your hotel room. This will give you added security to sleep at night and if it is activated you will be sure to alert all your holidaying neighbours.

Tip 9. 

When you’re out and about on your travels don’t flash any of your valuables to potential thefts. It is important not to draw too much attention to yourself to avoid becoming a potential target. If you do choose to use any of your valuables or gadgets while out on your travels be sure to keep them in your sight at all times. 

Tip 10.

Finally before jetting off to your desired destination take a look on the FCO travel advice website for any travel warnings or advisories. This will help give you an indication to the level of crime and other areas you should be aware off, such as whether you should avoid traveling at night.





Date Created: 03/07/2015

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