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To move or not to move?

Moving House

Roughly 11% of the UK population move house each year, resulting in the average person moving 8 times in their lifetime….

The stress that comes with moving is sometimes a little overwhelming. Some people will even put off moving, or vow never to move again due to all of the stress that comes with it! It’s not always as quick and easy of a process as it could be. You have to find boxes to put your worldly possessions in, de-clutter your whole house and not to mention, the freezer! The following are some of our tips for moving house…

Boxes- If you buy your shopping in bulk and know others who move a lot, store your boxes in the loft or garage, this way you know your well prepared with boxes for when getting ready to move. If you don’t shop in bulk, go to ASDA, Tesco, in fact any of your local supermarkets and ask them if they have any empty boxes that they do not need. As these places always buy in bulk, it’s a good idea to ask! Alternatively you could purchase a few storage boxes and use these to help you move your things, once you’re done with your move; you can either store the boxes away, or use them for something like storing your child’s toys or your pet supplies.

Newspapers – Prior to the move, start collecting newspapers, these will come in very handy when packing your valuables and breakable items. This can work out much cheaper than buying expensive packaging paper especially for moving, if you don’t read newspapers start asking family members and friends to collect them for you.   

De-cluttering- If you want to de-clutter your house fast, you will need to take any emotional attachment to your items and ditch it! There is no point in keeping loads of things just because you have not got the heart to throw it. You don’t have to throw everything away; you could have a boot fair/ garage sale and make the most of your unneeded items. Make an effort to go around your house, bagging up things that you will not need. Obviously we are not suggesting starting to sell all of your family heirlooms, but you get the idea? Anything that is not really essential should go, whether it is to a new home or the local skip the choice is yours.

The freezer- One of the major considerations when you’re ready to move in to your new place will be the freezer. Everybody suffers with their freezer, thinking that they should use up all of the food before they leave; trying to make meals out of what they have left over… If you find yourself in this situation, you can either, make a meal with your leftovers, or throw a party, cook everything, go mad! Celebrate the last couple of days in your current house by making a massive, mixed, family feast for everyone. Why not get a bottle of wine in and reminisce on what you’ve accomplished since living there!

Quick Tip!

If you’re going to be renting a van to move house you may want to consider excess protection for your rental. Questor Insurance provides a van hire excess policy which will cover you for the excess on the rental agreement up to the cover limit of £2,500. You will also have key cover for the rental vehicle and towing costs up to £500! For more information on our products please click here or contact us on 0333 323 0090


Date Created: 24/06/2015

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