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If camping is too adventurous for you, why not try glamping?

Glamping HolidayWhat is Glamping?

Glamping is basically camping, without the lack of luxuries, so if you're a person who can't stand the ickiness of camping, glamping may be ideal for you...

Glamping, camping, what's new?

Instead of pitching up tents and huddling around a campfire, you’ll stay in places such as villas, huts or even tree houses with heating included!

Instead of shooing the bugs away from your cheese and crackers, you’ll be having homely cooked meals (sometimes the cooking equipment is provided to make the meals, sometimes the meals are provided by the site).

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular with festival goers who want to participate in all the fun, but don’t want to leave behind their daily luxuries. Glampers often stay in nearby hotels or VIP onsite accommodation, it is becoming increasingly more common for festivals to have pop up hotels to accommodate all of the glamping luxuries.

Still undecided about glamping?

These are a couple of the main differences between camping and glamping, if you still can't decide if glamping is for you, think about the following:

Most Glamping sites include:

  • Running water
  • Heated shelter
  • Electricity
  • Cooking facilities
  • Furniture
  • Entertainment extras (such as tours and group folk songs/dances)

So, what does this mean?

This means that you will be having a luxury camping experience. If you have a partner or maybe a group of friends who you want to go camping with, but camping isn’t really for them, why not suggest a glamourous camping trip, i.e. glamping. (Like most females, if you mention glamourous, they’ll be all ears for what you have to suggest, especially if you tell them they can take their hair dryers and straighteners!)

There are a number of sites offering this type of camping experience to the more ‘fussy’ camper, so why not go on google, type “glamping sites” into the search bar and see what the world has to offer...!


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Date Created: 19/06/2015

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