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Have your very own 007 holiday

Secret agentWith the 24th James Bond film, Spectre, set for release on November the 6th 2015 we’re all envious of the destinations Bond has been jetting off too.That’s why we have put together a top secret list of all the 007 filming locations so you can have your very own exotic 007 holiday.

007 Spectre Destinations

All of the Bond films make us want to travel by being set in glorious destinations and tourist hotspots, however Spectre is set in a number of destinations that we all would just love to jet off to!


Head to the mountains in the resort of Solden for plenty of adrenalin fuelled and action packed activities including winter sports, tobogganing, paragliding, cycling and mountain climbing.

In the evenings there are plenty of activities to do and bars to visit. You could even visit the very same restaurant which some of the scenes of Spectre where filmed in. The Ice Q Restaurant featured in Spectre is perfect for a relaxed fine dining experience while overlooking the mountain tops of Austria.  


During the filming of Spectre many people in London flocked to the River Thames to watch the filming of the speed boat scene.

Why not take a city break in London to experience the many tourist’s attractions, elegant restaurants and West end shows. If you’re looking to participate in your own stunt scene on The River Thames we recommend taking a Thames RIB experience on one of London’s fastest speed boats, they even do a James Bond themed tour!


Within Spectre James Bond visits Rome for a high speed car chase in an Aston Martin DB10. We don’t recommend taking part in a high speed car chase, however we do recommend hiring a car to take a road trip around the city and surrounding areas. Hiring a car in Rome gives much more freedom of where to travel to and how long you can stay there, why not take a road trip to Naples or Florence.


Within Spectre, James bond takes an action packed trip to Mexico City taking part in many jaw dropping stunts. Always wanted to travel to Mexico? There is plenty to do within Mexico City including vising many of the museums, art galleries, castles, palaces and experiencing the local cuisine.


With previous James bond films set in Morocco, James Bond takes a trip down memory lane to the desserts of Morocco and surrounding areas to shoot a movie scene on a train. Take your very own exotic trip to Morocco and visit the relaxing white beaches, stunning architecture and perhaps even the desert James Bond style!

5 Top tips for a 007 Holiday

Expensive carNow you have the perfect destination it’s important to get all the other factors right.

Travel insurance: As with any holiday it’s important to protect yourself with a comprehensive travel insurance policy, don’t forget to let us know of any hazardous activities you might be undertaking so we can get the right cover for you.

Luxury hotel: Book a luxury hotel, you could even book one featured in a James Bond film!

The suit: Don’t forget to pack your suit or best evening dress so you look and feel the part.

Casino: Take a trip to the casinos or a fancy wine bar for a 007 evening out.

The car: Any top James bond film needs a car,the most recent bond film features an impressive Aston Martin DB10! Make sure you have a ride to all your adventures by booking car hire in your chosen destination, don’t forget to purchase car hire insurance so you have peace of mind on your travels.

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Date Created: 17/06/2015

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