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10 ways to keep the children entertained during a flight

Family FlightMany parents fear flying with their children especially when going on a long haul flight! The simple concept of being on a flight for hours with a child or toddler is enough to stop many parents from jet setting to their dream destination. At Questor Insurance we understand traveling with a family can be stressful, to relieve some of your travel worries we have put together some handy tips to help keep the children happy and entertained during the longest of flights.

1. Bring a Selection of Fun Toys

Bring a selection of small toys in your hand luggage, a variety will help increase the length of play time whilst on the flight. We advise avoiding heavy or large toys which may over weigh your hand luggage, as well as toys which have small pieces. Some of our favourite’s to pack include soft toys, play dough, toy cars and finger puppets.

2. Get Colouring

Pick up some colouring or puzzle books, these can keep children entertained for hours and you can even join in! If your child has a specific interest or favourite character why not put together their own special themed activity pack with print outs from the internet.

3. Story Time

Remember to pack some light books or magazines for your child to read, popup books can bring hours of fun even after reading them! Once you have read the books you could even write your own story together about going on holiday, don’t forget to act out the best bits.

4. Switch on the TV

Bring along a portable DVD player or laptop with some of your child’s favourite TV shows or movies. Just don’t forget to pack extra batteries or a charger.

5. Get the Party Started

Bring along some of your child’s favourite music so they can have their own personal party with headphones, look at buying a head phone splitter so you can both listen to the music at the same time.

6. Let’s Play

Pack a game or two to play, this can be a great way to talk about your holiday as well as taking your child’s mind off the flight. If you own a portable games consoles these give the flexibility of being able to play multiple interactive games easily from one device, giving many hours of fun and entertainment.

7. Smile for the Camera

Store some photos on your camera or phone for your child look at throughout the flight. These can be of familiar things and the destination your traveling too.  While you’re playing with the camera why not take a few holiday flight selfies together!

8. Finger Rhymes

Learn some finger rhymes which you can do on the flight together, these can be fun and a great distraction from flying.

9. Bring a Small Present

Bring along a small present for them to open during the flight, not only will it be great fun to open but the new toy can give hours of playtime throughout the flight. 

10. Snack Food

Pack some snacks in your hand luggage, the children flight meals may not always be at your child’s normal meal times, having a few snacks to hand may help you happily get to meal times without any tantrums. We advise packing snacks which are unlikely to melt and make a mess, there’s nothing worse than having a sticky child at the beginning of a long flight.

Holidays are a time to be making memories which last a lifetime that’s why we want you to have stress free fun, minimise your holiday worries and ensure your family are protected by booking your family travel insurance policy today.

Date Created: 13/04/2015

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