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Wright Brothers

Wright BrothersAs this week is the anniversary of the first powered aircraft, at Questor Insurance we thought we would take a step back to remember the inventors and the first powered flight.

In 1896 two American brothers began their journey experimenting with flight in their bike shop. After creating their first flight invention with a glider design, they ventured to a beach at Kitty Hawk to test and perfect the design. During the testing phase between the brothers they completed over 700 successful wind assisted flights.

Once their Glider was perfected they moved onwards and upwards to creating an invention which would use power to fly. One of the many challenges they faced was creating an engine which was powerful enough to power the invention, but also light enough to lift off the ground and fly.

On December 17th in 1903 the Wright brothers made history with the first controlled and powered human flight, this took place over a windy beach in North Carolina. The first flight lasted a total of 12 seconds and covered 120 feet, the longest flight of the day lasted a successful 59 seconds and covered 852 feet.



Date Created: 14/12/2015

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