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What type of poolside holiday tipple are you?

Have a go at our ‘just for fun’ quick quiz and find out what you are most likely to drink whilst lounging by the pool on holiday this summer.

Simply choose the most appropriate answer for you to each question and keep a score as you go through. Then using your total at the end see what holiday drink your score corresponds to.

1. How do you pack your holiday suitcase
a. Planning is key – preparation and lists, it’s the only way 4
b. Last minute dash – It maybe the night before but hey I’ve got time 3
c. Wing it – I should be leaving now, but where is my passport!? 2
d. Packing what’s that, who knows? - you don’t pack your own suitcase 1
2. What’s your airport style?
a. Errhh is that my jacket on the magazine cover on sale right now? 4
b. It’s a long journey – comfort clothes, if I could wear slippers I would 2
c. Holiday starts now! Flipperty flopping all the way through passport control 3
d. Airport style? Do people wear something different then? 1
3. You arrive at your chosen destination, how do you get to your accommodation?
a. “Welcome on board this coach, your driver today is Stavros….” 3
b. “Taxi!” 4
c. Public transport – it’s good enough for the locals so will do me just fine 2
d. Haven’t a clue. Someone will give me a lift 1
4. What type of accommodation do you choose?
a. Luxury all the way! Im on holiday after all 4
b. It’s somewhere to sleep – it will do 3
c. It looked better in the brochure 2
d. It’s a surprise – allocation on arrival – adds to the holiday excitement 1
5. Are you adventurous or reserved when eating on holiday?
a. Sample local cuisine – it’s all about life experiences 3
b. I will eat anything as long as it comes with chips 1
c. Eat out? I chose self-catering for a reason. 2
d. Variety is key, I choose dishes based on what I fancy not where I am. 4
6. Time to see the sights….
a. The view from my sun lounger is amazing 4
b. Armed with a map, Im out and about exploring off the beaten track 2
c. Coach trips – after all they are specifically planned for holidaymakers 3
d. Do you mean the local nightlife? I haven’t seen daylight since I arrived. 1


Time to get your calculator out and add up your scores!

How did you score?

  • 22-24:  I will drink anything as long as it’s Champagne darling!
    You will likely be spotted by a ‘pap’ sipping champagne, under your cabana, the envy of all fellow poolside residents.  After all it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

  • 18-22: It’s all about the cocktail list challenge!
    Whether you start at the bottom or top, your good intentions of doing the whole list fade probably by day 4 and by the end of your stay the bartender is already shaking and pouring your favourite as you approach the bar!
  • 16 – 18: On the rocks or with a splash and a dash
    The local version is so not the same as your usual brand… but after the first night of ‘local’ measures your tastebuds have adjusted.  On returning back to the UK you are convinced that your choice of spirit drink is missing the alcohol??  “You call that a measure?”

  • 13-15: Bottle or draught…decisions, decisions
    Is it mid-day yet?  Is it too early to have a beer?  Oh… on holiday what the heck!  My late afternoon you are wondering if you should maybe have a water, as you don’t want to dehydrate.  But hey, beer is a fluid!  Im on holiday!

  •  6-12: I’m on holiday I’ll have a bottle!
    Whether you choose to have a bottle over dinner or at leisure in a bar, it is an alternative way to sample the ‘local’ culture.  It’s a great way to read up on the local vineyards and sample local flavours.  It is after all a local produce!

Date Created: 18/03/2015

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