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Top 10 Satnav travel tips

Sat NavWhile on your holiday abroad a satnav can be the most useful device you own, allowing you to enjoy your holiday as you navigate the unknown roads to your desired destination. At Questor Insurance we have put together some handy hints and tips on getting the most out of your satnav!

  • Before leaving home update your satnav with the latest map available for your holiday destination.

  • Do not completely rely on a satnav when navigating to your desired destination, it is important to concentrate fully on the roads as they may have changed since the satnav maps where updated (even the newest maps may be slightly different).

  • Before traveling, programme in the postcode of your hotel or a nearby destination so you don’t get lost when traveling back to your accommodation.

  • Do not allow yourself to become distracted by the satnav! The best way to decrease distractions while using a satnav is by reducing other noises such as the radio and use both the screen and sound when navigating.

  • It is important to remember it is illegal to use a satnav to detect speed cameras in all European countries except in the UK and Hungary. If caught using a satnav to detect speed camera’s you may be issued with an on the spot fine.

  • Ensure the destination is spelt correctly in the satnav, its amazing how one letter can make an impact to your arrival destination.

  • Take care when using a mobile phone as a navigation device while abroad. Depending on your mobile network provider data charges may be significantly increased, creating expensive bills for what you may have thought was inside your tariff allowance.

  • For peace of mind always carry an atlas in the car when traveling abroad in case the roads have changed or your satnav fails.

  • Remove the satnav from the vehicle and clean any suction marks on the window screen to reduce the risk of theft.

  • Finally never save your home address in a satnav. In the event of theft of the satnav it is likely the criminal may have access to other possessions such as house or vehicle keys.

We would love to hear your satnav stories tweet us at @QuestorIns or drop us a comment on Facebook, in the meantime happy navigating.


Date Created: 20/03/2015

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