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Essential Holiday Make-up Guide

If you’re heading to a more tropical climate this year and are on a need to know basis of what essentials to pack in your makeup bag, that don’t cost a fortune then look no further! Glowing bronzed skin is the go-to look on any summer vacation, therefore needing to stay well clear of panda eyes and cakey skin. Below you will find our top 5 makeup must haves for your travels. Let’s get shopping!

Palmers Lip Balm

First things first, moisture! Dry flaky lips are a constant buzz kill around the pool but fear no more Palmer’s lip balm is here to save the day. Enriched with Vitamin E and with the added benefit of SPF 15, the balm helps prevent, protect and moisturise dry chapped lips, which is great for those looking for that perfect pout around the pool.

Here’s another tip, moisturising with palmer’s coco butter lotion before and during your holiday will help pro long your tan.

BB Cream

No woman wants to cake on the foundation whilst on their holiday just for it to melt off her face when the temperature rises. Enter... bb cream. This fabulous beauty invention made its debut in 2011 which started out in the Asian market. Not only does it include SPF protection and used as a sheer coverage foundation but it is also packed with antioxidants to regenerate skin, a perfect go to product for the summer months. Our recommendation: L’Oreal nude magique, giving a flawless finish with a dewy glow.

Translucent Powder Make up powder

Yes the summer is full of season joys such as ice creams, summer dresses, and a dip in the sea, however oily skin is an unfortunate occurrence that just so happens to tag along. Even if you usually have normal or dry skin, hot weather can mean a shiny, oily complexion. So once you have brightened up your complexion with the lovely L’Oreal BB cream, try the Sleek one finishing powder in translucent. This beauty will soak up that oil like a sponge without leaving your skin dry or adding any unwanted artificial colour to your face.



Mascara is the one product we can't live without, hence why waterproof mascara, that’s tough enough to last through sun, sea and sweat is a godsend. It’s all fine and good dipping your feet in the pool every now and then to cool off after you’ve bronzed your skin in the sun, but we all get those urges to jump head first into the pool, and when we do we come out looking like a racoon. So not only does a waterproof mascara help you avoid smudgy mascara eyes, it also will hold your curl better, even on stubborn straight lashes. Our favourite is from the makeup artist experts at Max Factor; Max Factor Masterpiece waterproof mascara.

Highlighter Mary Lou

If your aim in the summer is to get that reflective dewy look that makes you look like you just moisturized your skin, then you need a highlighter to do just that. No we’re not talking about an illuminous yellow pen, we’re talking about the best beauty buy of 2014 and even more so 2015! A highlighter is the secret weapon for a healthy youthful glow, so this summer get your hands on ‘Mary lou’ highlighter from The Balm. Swipe across the top of your cheekbones, blend and Voila!


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Date Created: 11/05/2015

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