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My other half, my little cabbage, my flea…. All around the world we have different ways of referring to our loved one.

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With Valentine’s Day nearing at Questor insurance we are interested in how people around the world refer to their significant other. Some phrases of endearment are used across countries such as Baby, Angel and Sweetheart. However others are more local to its origins and may even be offensive in other countries! Take a look below at some of the more unusual names from around the world to call your soulmate, we don’t advise you try all of the below names!

  1. French - Little cabbage (Petit chou)               
                   My flea (Ma puce)

  2. Spanish - My Half an Orange (Mi media naranja)                 
                     Lump of sugar (Terron de azucar)

  3. Russian - Little Dove (Golubchik for men / golubushka for ladies)                
                     My little Sun (Moya Solnishka)

  4. Brazil - Pumpkin (Chuchuzinho)

  5. Japanese - Egg with eyes (Tamago gata no kao)

  6. German - My Cutie pie (Schnuckiputzi)

  7. Indonesian- Fruit in my heart (Buah hatiku)

  8. Arabic - Gazelle (Ghazal)

  9. Thai - Little Elephant (Chang noi)

  10. Irish – My pulse (Mo Chuisle)

  11. Danish – My gold nugget (Min guldklump)

  12. Greek – My little Eyes (Matakia mou)

  13. Hungarian – My little bug (Bogárkám)

  14. Italian – Little Microbe (microbino)

Do you know of any other unusual phases from around the world to describe your loved one? Don’t forget to tweet us @QuestorIns with any other phases from around the world!


Date Created: 13/02/2015

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