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Christmas Craft Fun

Christmas Plate

At Questor we understand Christmas is a busy time of year for all the family, whether it be baking, arranging that dream holiday or keeping the children entertained. To save you one job we have put together a list of activities that will keep the children entertained for hours, allowing you time to get on with your Christmas preparations. Or you may want to join in some of the below too?!

1. Christmas Cards: Get crafty and make some personalised Christmas cards to send to family and friends, there’s nothing more special than a homemade Christmas card.

2. Treasure Hunt: A treasure hunt can be a great game to keep the children occupied for hours. All you have to do is hide clues relating to where the next clue is hidden, up until the final clue revealing the treasure. Make sure you give them a clue so they can find the first clue! You can have as many clues as you like, these can be both text and pictures. All the family can get involved with this one.

3. Bake some Christmas cookies: If you’re looking for an activity to do together grab some ingredients and bake some festive biscuits, cakes or mince pies! Don’t forget to decorate them once they have cooled. These would make a lovely gift too for a Grandparent.

4. Make a wrapping paper collage: Grab any spare wrapping paper, ribbons and bows to make a festive collage. You can be as creative as you like making a simple pretty pattern or something complicated like a snowman, remember you can scrunch the paper up in to balls for detail!

5. Write your own Christmas story: Get Creative and write your own Christmas story, you can even be the hero! Don’t forget to add a few drawings or pictures along the way.

6. Watch a Christmas Movie: Grab a bowl of popcorn and dim the lights! Turn the living room in to your own private cinema for your favourite Christmas movie. As an extra you can even make pretend cinema tickets!

7. Finger painting: Using white paint and some coloured paper make some festive finger paintings, our favourites to make are penguins and snowmen!

8. Nativity scene: Create your own nativity scene display using toilet roll tubes and coloured paper, if you don’t have many toilet roll tubes remember to cut each tube in half so you have more nativity characters.

9. Homemade bunting: Decorate the house with some homemade bunting, cut out paper snowflakes and connect them with string or ribbon to make some festive snowflake bunting or choose a design of your own. For a fun edible garland thread popcorn on to string to decorate the house or tree, once you have finished with the garland you can hang it outside for the birds to eat.

10. Decorate a Christmas Plate: Buy a ceramic plate and some permanent marker pens to decorate your own Christmas plate to keep and display year on year!

Have a Merry Christmas from all the team at Questor! Don’t forget to tweet us a picture of your Christmas crafts @questorins.

Date Created: 23/12/2014

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