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Dear Santa,Gadgets

I have been very good this year except from losing my iPod, which was a complete accident honest! This year could I please have an iPhone 6, a new laptop and a PlayStation Vita. Sound familiar?

So just how much is Santa’s shopping list:

iPhone 6: £539
Laptop: £350
PS Vita: £170
Total Cost of gadgets = £1,059

Gadgets can add up to quite a hefty sum which are not always covered by other insurance policies you may already have. At Questor we are excited to announce our most recent product Gadget insurance! With our customers at the heart of this decision our Policy is designed to protect your gadgets and be straight forward and easy to understand from purchase to renewal. Our Gadget policy allows you to protect:

  • Mobile phones
  • Smart phones
  • Apple devices
  • Laptops
  • Tablet devices
  • Cameras
  • Sat Navs
  • iPods and MP3 players
  • E-readers
  • Portable DVD players
  • Portable Games consoles

Why not take advantage of this new offering and have peace of mind by protecting your Christmas presents from accidental damage, theft, loss and Liquid damage. If you would like further information regarding gadget insurance please visit or contact us on 033 323 0090.

Please read the Policy document for terms and conditions and a full list of exclusions. All you need to be eligible for gadget insurance is proof of purchase for your gadget within the last 12 months from a UK VAT registered company.

Date Created: 22/12/2014

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