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Exciting ways people celebrate New Year’s Eve around the world

CocktailNew Year’s Eve is celebrated differently all around the world, with common traditions and superstitions taking place to ward away any negativities and bring in a positive year full of luck health and joy. Take a look below at some of the New Year’s Eve traditions that will be occurring at the stroke of midnight around the world.

Denmark An old tradition which is now rarely practised in Denmark is smashing kitchenware at your friends and loved ones front doors. It is believed the more broken crockery found outside your front door the next morning the more luck you will have in the coming year.

Ireland In Ireland, if you are looking for that someone special it is tradition to place sprigs of Mistletoe, Holly or Ivy under your pillow on New Year’s Eve. This will bring good luck to the search for your future husband or wife in the coming year.

Finland People in Finland use pieces of molten tin to predict the coming year’s future. Melted tin is poured into horseshoe shaped ladles and then dropped into cold water. Once the tin has cooled its new shape can be used to predict the future, if you get a heart or ring it symbolises a wedding!

Spain To promote a year of luck and good fortune the Spanish tradition is to eat 12 lucky grapes while making a wish, each grape represents a month of the year ahead. The tradition dating back to 1909 says one grape must be eaten each time the clock chimes at 12, tradition says anyone who manages to finish their grapes will have a year of good luck. Eating all of the grapes before the clock stops chiming can be quite a challenge, at Questor we advise choosing slightly smaller seedless grapes or peel them first!

South Africa South Africans celebrate the New Year by ridding of their old house hold items and furniture by throwing them out of the window. This is done to rid of any clutter for the New Year – if you try this we recommend only throwing soft items and check no one is below the window!

Columbia Like to travel? To guarantee a year full of travel at the stroke of 12 Columbians grab their suitcases (even if they are empty) and run around their block as fast as they can, the faster they run the more likely they are to travel in the new year.

In order to have a good financial year it is also a Columbian tradition to wear new yellow underwear at midnight, to further the luck these new garments should be brought for you!

Worldwide In many countries worldwide the New Year is celebrated by sharing a kiss at the stroke of midnight to seal true love. The kiss is to wash away bad memories of the year before and open the New Year with joyful ones.

Do you have your own traditions or superstitions that you conduct New Year? Let us know how you are celebrating New Year’s Eve this year by tweeting @QuestorIns

Date Created: 22/12/2014

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