Turkey targets Brit holidaymakers with visa free travel

More than 2.5 million Brits flocked to Turkey in 2019, previously having to pay £27 each for an online visa.

How much can you save by booking car hire in advance?

Holidaymakers pay significantly more when renting at the airport desk than if they’d hired the same vehicle in advance on the net.

Where are the most popular winter holiday destinations for Brits?

Winter holidays are increasingly popular among Brits, and some destinations are renowned for their winter sun.

Best destinations to visit in the Easter holidays

From locations packed with history and landmarks to those with sandy beaches and adventure sports, these destinations have something to appeal to all the family.

Car hire costs around the world revealed

If you’re already planning your summer holiday for 2020, you’re likely already factoring in potential costs, such as the price of car hire.

Why planning for summer car hire starts now!

If you’re planning on going to a destination where you’ll need a car, or you simply want the added flexibility that having a rental car brings, it pays to think about car hire now.

Cruise predictions suggest bumper year in 2020

With 19 new vessels set to enter service in the new year, cruisers around the world will be able to visit new destinations while enjoying state-of-the-art hospitality.

Travelling in 2020 on a budget

If you’re keen to travel in 2020 but are worried you don’t have the funds to do so, fear not, as there are plenty of ways that you can keep the costs down.

Where to holiday for warmth this Winter

If you’re on the lookout for some last-minute warmth to kick-start 2019, here are a handful of destinations that you might want to consider…

2020 Orlando Florida Car Hire and Travel Guide

A guide to car hire and the many attractions in Orlando, Florida. This guide will equip you with lots of tips to take with you on your travels. From touchdown at Orlando Airport and hiring a car, to your first theme park trip, we have it covered.

The pick of National Geographic’s must-visit destinations for 2020

Renowned travel publication, National Geographic, has published its list of top destinations for 2020, providing a wealth of inspirational holiday ideas.

Which? reveals common car hire bad practices

Three in four car hire customers have revealed they regularly have concerns over being ripped off when using rental companies, according to new research.

How to perfect the art of holiday packing

The majority of people love to travel light when they go on holiday but doing so is often more difficult than you may think.

What risky destinations should you avoid in 2020?

Deciding where to go on holiday can be a big decision to make, especially when the wealth of options available is so high.

Rental cars equipped for winter

The features to look for in a hire car this winter for a safer, smoother and more comfortable driving experience.

Tips for Driving in Hazardous Conditions this Winter

Regardless of whether you’re using your own vehicle or are renting one, we’ve detailed a list of essential winter driving tips, designed to make your time out on the road as hazard-free and as hassle-free as possible.

What you need to know about ski holiday car hire

If you’re jetting off to the slopes for ski season, it’s likely you’ll want to consider the freedom and flexibility that having a hire car brings.

12 of the best European Christmas markets to visit this winter

If you’re on the hunt for some last minute gift ideas, stocking fillers or decorations, these Christmas markets are among the best of what the UK and Europe has to offer.

Ski Travel Essentials

Taking a Ski trip is a popular fun packed family idea this winter, so whether you’re heading to the Alps or up to the Scottish Highlands, here are some of our tips to help you along the way to make your trip all the more enjoyable.

The benefits of booking travel insurance in advance

Booking a holiday is really just the start of your journey, and while there is plenty to be excited about, you should also take steps to ensure that it isn’t ruined by unplanned events. By purchasing travel insurance in advance, these pitfalls can often be avoided...

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Car Hire Insurance

Cover includes:
  • Excess on the car hire agreement
  • Tyres, windscreen and the underbody
  • Any driver aged 21 to 84 at the same premium
  • Cars and MPV's up to 9 seats

Van & Minibus Insurance

Cover includes:
  • Up to 15 seats
  • Single hire agreement for up to 14 days
  • Covering drivers aged between 24 and 64
  • Covering vehicles up to 7.5 metric tonnes for use in the UK