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The differences between hiring an electric car vs a normal car

Electric vehicles are becoming more common on UK roads, so it will come as little surprise to know that there is a growing number available for hire too. From benefitting the environment to potentially bringing down costs, opting for an electric car does have its perks, but it also has some potential pitfalls.

A guide to Italy ZTL Zones

A Zona a Traffico Limitiato simply translates to a Limited Traffic Zone, these zones are located in busy city centres such as Florence, Rome, Milan and Pisa to try and alleviate traffic and pollution in busy areas.

Must-have apps while on-the-go

Technology is evolving every day, and with more and more of us relying on our home and work tech gadgets to get us through the day. Our smartphones have now become something we no longer use just to make calls and send text messages, they are an essential part of our lives – even more so when travelling!

UK toll roads and congestion charges explained

For anyone driving in the UK, it’s important to know the rules of the road, especially when it comes to traffic charging schemes. In the UK there’s two such systems to be aware of: toll roads and congestion charges. While both will ultimately hit you in the pocket financially, it’s important to understand and differentiate between the two. Here we’ve focused on the basics, so you’ll know what to look out for, covering everything from where you’ll find these roads to how to pay if you need to use them.

Who are the BVRLA and ECRCS?

Thousands of Brits hire cars every year on their travels, but if something goes wrong or if there’s an issue to resolve, who do they turn to? If you find yourself in such a situation, you’ll understandably want to know that you’re protected, and that support is available. Car hire firms are regulated by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) in the UK and by the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS) in the EU.

The rise of electric cars

Electric vehicles continue to rise in popularity, driven by technological advances and growing efforts to tackle emissions and support the environment. Many leading car manufacturers are leading the charge, with Jaguar, Volvo, Lotus and General Motors all suggesting that they will only sell electric cars by 2035, or sooner in many cases.

What’s behind the rise in UK Car Clubs?

The popularity of car clubs has surged in the UK over the last few years, a move that is helping to cut road pollution and reduce congestion. Membership numbers for UK car clubs now top 630,000, more than double the figure for 2018, while shared mobility charity CoMoUK reports there are more than 6,000 car club vehicles currently in operation.

Safety at Sea

Not all beaches are lifeguarded, so do make sure you factor this in when choosing which beach to visit this year, and likewise if you are visiting a lifeguarded beach familiarise yourself with the various flag meanings that you may encounter whilst there.

Safer car choices: There's more to it than you may think

With June being National Safety Month, there’s no better time to think about how we could be making safer choices when it comes to choosing a car.

Travel safely this summer

With life gradually going back to normality, and UK staycations booming, many of us will soon be packing our suitcases, loading up our vehicles to head off on a well-deserved holiday. As the country emerges from the many lockdown restrictions, it is important to plan ahead and travel safely this summer.

Putting the emphasis on caravan road safety

Caravan holidays are an incredibly popular pastime in the UK, but with more Brits opting to hook up trailers and embark on staycations on the back of the pandemic, how can they be sure they’re doing it safely? From selecting the right tow vehicle to knowing the reduced speed limits which apply, there’s plenty to think about if you’re planning to hook up a caravan in the months ahead…

Travelling with pets

Traveling with your pet has become more and more common as families are not wanting to leave their four legged friends behind. There are so many things to think about when planning a journey, and for those taking their pets along with them, there are more things to take into consideration.

Driving Essentials Checklist

Prior to driving abroad, it is important to familiarise yourself with the local driving rules for the country or countries that you will be driving in, as each country tends to have variations to their rules.

Driving Overseas

Whether you are familiar with overseas driving or will be doing it for the first time soon, it is good to be prepared. You may be planning to hire a vehicle when you reach your destination, or you may want to drive your own car along the scenic European roads, either way, you will have to tackle some of the unknowns and get used to driving on the right, along with each European country’s own set of rules!

Preparing your car (and yourself) for a long journey

Staying in the UK this year and dreading that long car journey? Do not worry, we have some helpful tips to make the road ahead as smooth as possible. Don’t forget, it's not just the passengers that need looking after before and after your trip, your car does too!

Hiring a car: What you need to know

Things can sometimes get confusing when hiring a car, but what do you really need to look out for? Here are some helpful tips to keep your rental hassle free.

Car Hire Excess Insurance: Price Review

Many will be seeking to secure the best deal on their insurance cover for the fast-approaching 2021 summer holiday season, and finding the best deal is not always straightforward. Here at Questor, we thought we would save you the trouble by pulling together some pointers to keep in mind when buying your next policy and a quick price comparison of what is currently available in the market:

Driving in the EU post-Brexit: What you need to know

Now that the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union, there are several changes you need to be aware of before travelling abroad. Likewise, if you are living abroad make sure you are meeting the legal requirements within the country that you reside in.

Shining the spotlight on bank account ‘travel insurance add-ons’

Many banks now offer accounts that include travel insurance and other household insurances for a monthly fee. These accounts appear to provide excellent value for money, offering a packaged solution for many customers.

Get up to speed with your insurance cover

Ever felt ‘in the dark’ whilst trying to understand your insurance? You are probably not alone with that one. We have put together a few simple pointers, without all the waffle, to put you in the know when it comes to vehicle excess insurance policies.

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