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Picking a car for young drivers

group of silver carsAfter passing their driving test, the thoughts of many young drivers turn to getting their first car, but what exactly do they need to think about?

Essentially, a new vehicle should be affordable, simple to drive and at the top end of the safety ratings.

The latter point is key, as figures from the road safety charity Brake reveal that young drivers are at a much higher risk of crashing than older drivers – despite 17-19 year olds accounting for just 1.5% of UK licence holders, they are involved in 9% of fatal or serious crashes.

Importantly, a car with a high safety rating should cost you less to insure, although there are other factors you should consider too.

New or used?

Purchasing a new vehicle will cost more – and the ability of a young driver to do this is very much dependent on their bank balance (or that of their parents) – but doing so has a number of advantages.

A new vehicle will be covered with a warranty, while the risk of mechanical issues is also reduced – therefore reducing potential outlays in the long run.

Used cars, on the other hand, will be cheaper to purchase, but they may also be prone to a greater number of mechanical problems that may be costly to fix.

Newer cars are also safer, as the Euro NCAP safety rating was updated in 2015 and many vehicles now include anti-lock brakes and stability controls as standard.

Fuel economy

It might not be the first consideration when purchasing a car, but opting for one that does more miles to the gallon will present a marked saving in the long run.

Simply put, a driver will pay less at the pump every time they need to fill up, potentially saving hundreds of pounds every year.


Any vehicle should be comfortable to drive, and that includes how the vehicle handles as well as how it is laid out inside.

Smaller vehicles are easier to position on the road and to park, but might not be suitable for a taller individual, for example.

Light steering, responsive brakes and basic engine controls all make a vehicle easier to manage too, enabling a young driver to build their confidence in the initial years behind the wheel.

Young drivers motor excess protection

Young drivers can enhance their insurance cover by protecting the excess they would need to pay should they be involved in an accident.

With a Questor Insurance policy, customers also have the flexibility to increase their excess limit, changing the maximum amount which can be claimed in any single policy year.

Click here to get a quick quote for young driver excess insurance and see how much could potentially be saved.

Date Created: 29/08/2019

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