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Know your travel insurance exemptions

Are you covered?It’s easy to think that your travel insurance will cover all aspects of a holiday or trip away, but that is not always the case. While you may have a cancellation policy or are protected for everyday mishaps, it is unlikely you will be covered for riding a motorcycle or participating in extreme sports such as paragliding.

This isn’t to say that you can’t get cover for such events, you’ll just need to ensure you know exactly what is and isn’t included as part of your policy.

Risks of insufficient cover 

It’s worth remembering that it may cost thousands of pounds in medical bills and repatriation costs if you are injured overseas when lacking sufficient travel insurance cover. You’ll also be liable for any damaged equipment or the costs of cutting short your holiday.

Covers vary by insurer, and just because an activity is covered on one policy, it does not necessarily mean it is also included elsewhere.

Many policies will explicitly state the levels of cover, while some activities may be covered with caveats – such as needing to have suitable safety equipment.

Policy Checklist

It’s therefore vital that you check your policy documents carefully and check with your insurer if there is anything you need clarification on.

  1. Detailing any existing medical conditions when taking out a policy, will increase the likelihood that your policy will pay out in the unfortunate event you need to make a claim.
  2. For winter activities, you may need to pay extra, as you’ll likely need to purchase a winter sports premium, or similar.
  3. Of course, you won’t always know what activities you may want to partake in before you travel, which is why it can help to take your documents with you.  It may be possible to purchase additional cover when you’re away, although this would need to be done prior to commencing any activity.
  4. You should also remember to book your travel insurance in advance.  Not only does this allow adequate time for you to read all the small print to ensure you have the necessary cover for your trip, but it can cover you for possible cancellations as well.

For researching the best travel insurance cover and prices, try our online comparison tool to obtain quotes from our trusted providers. With many additional cover options such as winter sports and travel disruption, you are more likely to find a travel insurance policy that suits your needs. 

Date Created: 03/10/2018

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