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How to protect your winter holiday

If you’re preparing to jet off for a winter holiday in the coming months, you’ll probably want to plan ahead to protect yourself from the unexpected.

While many people were still reeling from the collapse of Monarch during the last winter season, 2018 has also not been kind to airlines.

Air Berlin, Primera Air and VLM have ceased trading, Cathay Pacific has reported record losses, Etihad has seen a period of turbulence and Malaysia Airlines has cut numerous global routes in a bid to reduce outlays. Meanwhile, Ryanair continues to be dogged by cancellations.

As a result, you may want to protect yourself against any issues that may get in the way of you going on your planned holiday.

Keep tabs on your flight

It’s very easy to forget about your flight until the last minute, and it can be incredibly easy to miss cancellation notifications.

This can leave you with a very small window to find a suitable solution should something go wrong, which drastically reduces your chance of finding an alternative.

Keep your eye on the apps for your chosen airline, as you should be able to track your flight and receive notifications of any issues.

Consider booking via a travel agent

Paying a little extra to use the services of a travel agent can help you to overcome some potential flight problems, as they’ll usually have access to a wider range of information than what you do.

As a result, they may be able to source alternative flights for you. Or, at the very least, they’ll be able to provide guidance on the options that you have available – something you will not have if you go direct and book everything yourself.

Purchase travel insurance in advance

Travel insurance is essential if you want to avoid any additional costs that come with a cancelled flight, especially if you selected a non-refundable seat.

The majority of airlines will offer a refund if a flight is cancelled, however very few will cover the cost of a hotel if you get stuck somewhere because of bad weather.

If you’re thinking of travelling overseas this winter, make sure you organise your travel insurance in advance to increase your cover for unknown circumstances.

Remember to read the terms and conditions too, as it’s important to know exactly what you are and are not covered for.

Date Created: 13/11/2018

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