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Emission reduction on diesel vehicles - What is Adblue?

DeiselThe ins and outs of AdBlue;

Adblue is a high quality urea solution used to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust of UK diesel vehicles by converting harmful nitrogen oxide into harmless nitrogen and steam.

The new limits of the Euro 6 are slashed from the Euro 5 limit of 180 milligrammes per kilometre to just 80mg/km. It was implemented for all newly introduced models in September 2014 and all cars from September 2015.

Vehicles that require AdBlue will have warning lights to alert the driver that the diesel exhaust fluid reservoir will need refilling. Consumption of the fluid will vary according to the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

If you ignore repeat warnings that the tank level is low, eventually the car refuses to start. Normally the AdBlue will last more than the service interval where it will be topped up or flushed and replaced.

If a car is equipped with SCR technology it will have an AdBlue tank. The location of the tank varies across manufacturers and from model to model, but is often close to the diesel tank or in the boot, under the carpet, or in the engine compartment. It can usually be identified by a blue cover.

The systems aren’t usually required on small cars, as optimised combustion is sufficient to meet the European NOx limits on smaller models, so it is generally found only on larger cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles.

Another way car manufacturers are meeting Euro6 emissions regulations is via a Lean NOx trap, which is maintenance-free and doesn’t require additives

The Lean NOx trap is fitted instead of the more usual oxidation catalyser and, in normal running, traps the NOx pollutant from the engine in its porous core.

When the engine is run in a rich burn mode, with just enough air for complete combustion, harmful NOx is converted to harmless nitrogen. The NOx trap is then regenerated and ready to start the process again.

I am sure you would have been made aware at the time of purchase if your car requires AdBlue, but if you are unsure contact your local car dealership to set your mind at rest.

If you are hiring a car, check there are no warning lights on the dashboard. Also check the tyres – if you get pulled over with bald tyres you will get 3 points per tyre as it is your responsibility as the driver, as soon as you drive the car from the rental company you are held liable.

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Date Created: 30/10/2015

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