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8 Ideas that will keep the children entertained this Summer

The Summer holidays and weekends in between can be the most memorable time of a child’s life, yet finding things for them to do can be a full-time job in itself. If you are in need of a bit of inspiration, take a look at some of our top activities to keep the children entertained during the Summer months.

1. Create a Summer scrapbook Child playing with chalk

Create a scrapbook showing all your Summer adventures, don’t forget to collect meaningful items to stick into the book such as tickets, shells, feathers and photos! You could start an annual tradition of creating an annual summer scrapbook as a perfect keepsake for years to come.

2. Get creative with chalk

A packet of chalk can mean hours of endless fun for children. Hopscotch is a number one classic chalk activity, which can be spiced up by creating new rules and decorating each of the squares, why not choose a theme? Once you’re finished with hopscotch get arty and create some drawings, just remember to take some pictures of your work before the rain washes them away!

3. Start a vegetable patch

Why not clear a patch in the garden so the children can have their very own vegetable patch to look after and help grow. Vegetables which grow well in the summer include carrots, green beans, cucumbers and spinach. You never know they may even find a new love for gardening.

Children camping4. Decorate the garden

Paint some garden ornaments together and spend some time decorating the garden with all things pretty. Some of our favourite decorations at Questor Insurance include bunting, lights, windmills, flags and making somewhere for the fairies to live. 

5. Get baking

A family bake-off can be great fun for the whole family. For younger children hold a best-decorated cupcake or biscuit competition and for older children, you can be a bit more creative!

6. Go camping

You don’t have to go far for a camping trip, consider a local campsite or even camp in the garden (this can be especially fun for new campers). Camping together can be great fun, don’t forget the essentials of hot chocolate, marshmallows and plenty of snacks.

7. Have a pyjama day Child enjoying a picnic

Following all the excitement of the summer, why not have a rest with a relaxing pyjama day, spend time watching movies, reading and relaxing.

8. Have a picnic

Grab a picnic blanket and have a picnic in the garden or park. If the weather is warm you could even mix it up by having a breakfast picnic with cereal, fruit and pastries.

Why not let us know your favourite summer activities to do with the children by tweeting us at @QuestorIns


Date Created: 31/08/2018

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