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The nation’s favourite Chinese dishes!

It’s Chinese New Year on 19th February, how will you be celebrating?  If you are unlikely to make it to China to celebrate with the locals how about a takeaway from your local Chinese?  According to research from a well-known online takeaway website, the following are the nation’s top 5 Chinese takeaway dishes!

Chow Mein

This dish is extremely popular worldwide, and appears on many nations top dish lists!  It is said to be a rich source of nutrition, with health benefits including improving anemia, digestion and even immunity.  Variations include meat, seafood and vegetables.

Peking Crispy Duck

Now thought of as one of China’s national dishes, this is a firm favorite with virtually everyone!  The British version of this dish was said to have been invented/adapted in the 1970s in London’s Chinatown, and has remained as one of the most ordered dishes still to this day. 

Egg Fried Rice

Famous as a ‘classic’ side dish to accompany virtually any dish, it is also enjoyed by many as a dish on its own.  With the varying ingredients from one takeaway to another, the basics remain the same, egg and rice!  Originating from China’s ancient western regions it is now enjoyed everywhere in China from high class hotels to family run restaurants.

Sweet and Sour (Something)

The choice of what is ‘sweet and soured’ is endless, but the facts remain the same, this combination generally makes an appearance in most takeaway bags.  Although some Chinese people may argue this is not an authentic dish, as Brits we love that sweet and sour stickiness.

Spring Rolls

Generally appearing in the appetizer or starter section of the menu, these are a notorious last minute add-on to the takeaway order.  Being traditionally eaten during spring festivals in China, the name has evolved to reflect this tradition. Reminding people of gold bars, in China spring rolls are linked to the idea of wealth and good furtune! Perhaps these are just that for the takeaway owners – their very own money earner!

Are these any of your favorites?  Tweet us a pic of you enjoying your favorite dishes at @QuestorIns

Date Created: 03/02/2015

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